Ranking All 30 NHL Goal Horns

We all love when our team scores a goal, and more so when they do it at home. The whole building erupts, the goal horn blares and a celebratory goal song is played. In my opinion, that is one of the perks of playing at home: The atmosphere. And since goal horns add a lot to that (in my opinion), I decided to rank all 30 NHL teams’ goal horns in combination with their songs from worst to best on a scale from one to ten. Remember that this is a subjective list, so do not expect to agree with everything. Beware of frequent ties as it was kind of hard to decide between 30 teams.

30. Toronto Maple Leafs

Song: Turbulence by Steve Aioki & Laidback Luke

I know the Maple Leafs are a team with great tradition, but what the hell were they thinking with that goal song? The horn itself sounds good, but the song just does not fit, it sounds like a mess of electronic music which is even worse when actually watching the games as you can barely hear it.

Rating: 3 points.

27. Vancouver Canucks

Song: Electric Worry by Clutch

The horn sounds like it is broken. However, the song saves Britsh Columbia from being at the bottom of this list.

Rating: 4 points.

27. San Jose Sharks

Song: some lame version of Rock N’ Roll Part II by Gary Glitter

I  usually love R’n’R Part 2 as a goal song but what the Sharks did to it is just beyond belief. How does anyone expect the fans and players celebrate to this? Completely lacks everything that makes the original so catchy. Horn’s alright, so that makes up for it – but just a tiny little bit.

Rating: 4 points.

27. St. Louis Blues

Song: When The Saints Go Marching In (on the arena’s organ)

The horn is good, though not great, and I like how they try to keep some tradition going using “When The Saints Go Marching In”, but in my eyes, it does not fit as a goal song. Maybe it’s just me, but I expect something energetic, something you can party to when your team pots one. This one is pretty much the exact opposite.

Rating: 4 points.

24. Washington Capitals

Song: The Wicker Man by Iron Maiden

The Caps actually have all kinds of goal songs: For the first, second, third, fourth and fifth goal scored in a game plus one especially for Alexander Ovechkin. However, I chose to stay with the standard one, and Iron Maiden’s “The Wicker Man” is a great goal song you can easily chant along, at least the part they are using. The problem is the horn itself though: It is mixed with some kind of siren which makes the not really good horn even worse.

Rating: 5 points.

24. Ottawa Senators

Song: More by Usher

I like the horn. It really gets your adrenaline up. Hey, our team just scored! Hell yeah! And then… Usher. I don’t know whose idea it was to use this song, but he should be fired immediately. Maybe it has something to do with my distaste in modern pop music or R’n’B in general, but the song just sounds wrong. I guess some people can actually party to it though.

Rating: 5 points.

24. Montreal Canadiens

Song: Goal Song by L’Oreille

Oh my, Montreal, what happened to your goal horn? Got some poutine stuck in there? It just sounds weak, so the loud Bell Centre crowd can easily be louder than that. The song saves les Habs from being further down in the ranking.

Rating: 5 points.

23. Edmonton Oilers

Song: Don’t Stop The Party by Pitbull

It was actually kind of hard to find out which song the Oilers used most recently. Turns out it was our beloved Pitbull who entertained us so well in that Bud Light ad during countless commercial breaks when we were watching hockey games. Warning: The previous sentence is loaded with irony. The horn sounds good and gets some bonus points for being the soundtrack to Patrik Stefan’s career defining moment (you know, back when he missed that empty net from two feet away and the Oilers tied the game seconds before the buzzer).

Rating: 5,5 points.

20. Winnipeg Jets

Song: Hell Yeah by Rev Theory

This case is just like the Canadiens’ but with a better song. That piece of music has everything it needs to provide nice cellys after the Jets score a goal, but the horn sounds like it’s taken from trashed train that’s on is last ride to the train graveyard, so the city Ilya Bryzgalov deemed to cold to play in loses some points because of that.

Rating: 6 points.

20. Tampa Bay Lightning

Song: Fluxland by XL

The horn is fine, but a little long. Remember when I mentioned goal songs should be easy to sing along with? Well, this one is – except that it has no variation whatsoever. It’s way too primitive in my eyes (or ears) to earn more points. With Jonathan Drouin and Steven Stamkos on the team we should get used to hearing this a lot more often though.

Rating: 6 points.

20. Buffalo Sabres

Song: Lonely Boy by the Black Keys

Now that’s what a proper goal horn sounds like! It’s a shame that the song is kind of lame, though. You can celebrate goals with it, but in my eyes, it lacks some catchiness. But hey, at least the Sabres are better with choosing their goal horn and song than with designing third jerseys, right?

Rating: 6 points.

17. Nashville Predators

Song: I like it, I love it by Tim McGraw/Rock N’ Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter

Damn, the Preds’ horn sounds like it could kill prey by just blaring loud and long enough. Rock N’ Roll Part 2 as a goal song is always a good choice, and I get the idea of Nashville being the world’s capitol for country music, but Tim McGraw just sounds out of place to me. Leave him out and the horn would easily move up the list.

Rating: 6,5 points.

17. Detroit Red Wings

Song: Hey Hey Hockeytown

The Wings’ goal horn certainly shakes the foundations of Joe Louis Arena. However, Hey Hey Hockeytown seems a bit lame to me. Hats off though for being such a big team that it has songs written about it.

Rating: 6,5 points.

17. Carolina Hurricanes

Song: Song 2 by Blur.

Ah, the old Whalers goal horn. Sounds mean, sounds like it means business – just a great horn. The song is among the best, too, but the Canes overdid it with all the sound effects they use after the horn. I mean, I get having Ric Flair’s “Wooo” in there, but that should have been it. Sounds too gimmicky to score more points.

Rating: 6,5 points.

12. New York Islanders

Song: Crowd Chant by Joe Satriani

Solid, but not great horn. Joe Satriani’s “Crowd Chant” however is one of the best goal songs out there, and the image of John Tavares trying to nail a sick guitar solo on his hockey stick just cracks me up for some reason.

Rating: 7 points.

12. New Jersey Devils

Song: Rock N’ Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter

Just like the Islanders, the Devils employ a combination of a solid horn and a great goal song. Not much more to say about it.

Rating: 7 points.

12. Los Angeles Kings

Song: Power Ride by an interpret that I could not find out

Not a big fan of the train horn, but I understand it’s appeal to the Kings’ fans. The thing that got LA a few more points is the goal song: It gets you pumped, you can sing along, it is, simply put, a great and unique choice (at least in the NHL).

Rating: 7 points.

12. Colorado Avalanche

Song: Rock N’ Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter/The Whip by Locksley

See, Washington? That’s how you incorporate sirens into a goal song. The transition between Gary Glitter and Locksley works pretty well, although “The Whip” has become really overused these days which prevents it from ranking higher. The horn itself is good, but not great.

Rating: 7 points.

12. Boston Bruins

Song: Zombie Nation by Kernkraft 400

A unique and good-sounding horn. However, I read that this is one of only two goal horns in the NHL that isn’t actually a horn in the rafters but a recording. Come on, Boston, a team with your tradition can do better than that. “Zombie Nation” is a good goal song, though nothing special.

Rating: 7 points.

9. Pittsburgh Penguins

Song: Rock N’ Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter

It was not easy for me to not put the Penguins at the end of this list. As you can imagine, this is one of my most hated rivals. I tried to be objective though and I gotta admit, their goal horn is not bad at all and works well in combination with the song. The only problem is that you hear it (and are going to hear it) way too often. Sorry, I just couldn’t let Pittsburgh get off the hook without some kind words directed at western Pennsylvania.

Rating: 7,5 points.

9. Florida Panthers

Song: Rock N’ Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter

The Lolcats Panthers do have a great goal horn in their arena and are another team that uses Rock N’ Roll Part 2, which, in theory, sounds like one hell of a goal horn. However, Florida lost some points due to that hideous Panther roars during the goal song. Come on, Sunshine State, that doesn’t even sound real!

Rating: 7,5 points.

9. Dallas Stars

Song: The Whip by Locksley

Alright Dallas, let’s see what you got here. A kickass horn, hm? That’s great. An air raid siren right after that? Sure, why not. How about your goal song? Aw come on, not again… The Stars would definitely contend for the top spot if they reverted to their Rock N’ Roll Part 2 days which made this horn one of the best in the league. I just can’t stand “Woah-oh-ooh, oooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-oh-oh” much longer.

Rating: 7,5 points.

8. Columbus Blue Jackets

Song: For Those About Who Rock by AC/DC/The Whip by Locksley

Let’s just say that Columbus’ horn and song are way better than their play, although that might finally change. The horn is great, as is AC/DC (obviously) and I also love the fact that they acutally fire a canon every time they score. And then there’s The Whip again…

Rating: 8 points.

6. Calgary Flames

Song: Barbara Streisand by Duck Sauce

I really like the Flames’ horn. It really stands out since it is one of the few that doesn’t have much bass in it (get my point?). Calgary’s got a nice goal song going that does everything such a song is supposed to do: It allows the home fans to celebrate goals and pisses the visting team’s fans off – if they score goals that is, which is not something we can expect that often from this year’s Flames.

Rating: 8,5 points.

6. New York Rangers

Song: The New York Rangers Goal Song

I know I should hate it just as much as the Rangers. For some reasong though, I can’t. The horn is pretty cool (even though it’s the other recorded one in the league) and the song would really get my party mood going if I was a Rangers fan. Which I’m not. Thank god.

Rating: 8,5 points.

5. Anaheim Ducks

Song: Bro Hymn Tribute by Pennywise

Now that goal horn is something. I can’t imagine how loud it must be in person, but it certainly will shake the building formerly known as Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim. As for the song, I absolutely loved it when the Flyers used it until a few years back. So congrats, Anaheim, you made it to the top five.

Rating: 9 points.

3. Phoenix Coyotes

Song: Howling for You by The Black Keys

It’s like the song was written to be the ‘Yotes goal song. It fits their franchise, it’s a great, catchy tune and in contrast to Florida, their animal sounds work well. Throw in a horn that is an a little meaner version of the Minnesota Wild’s and you get a great combination in the middle of the desert.

Rating: 9,5 points.

3. Minnesota Wild

Song: Crowd Chant by Joe Satriani

The Wild seem to do everything right off the ice: They got great jerseys (and just released another sweet road sweater), good-looking logos and also one of the best combinations of a goal horn and song. I praised Joe Satriani earlier on, and the Wild did a great job finding a badass horn that lets people in St. Paul jump out of their seats.

Rating: 9,5 points.

1. Chicago Blackhawks

Song: Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis

Man, I absolutely hated hearing this back in 2010. So did Michael Leighton, I guess, so before he had to go back to Chicago for game 7, he decided to let in a weak goal to end it all. But I digress. 2010 aside, the Hawks’ combo of horn and song got everything such a combo should have. A really great goal horn with a catchy party tune – it just works for the Hawks. Don’t ever change it.

Rating: 10 points.

They are not our only winners though, so without further ado:

1. Philadelphia Flyers

Song: Maria (I Like it Loud) by Scooter

Adrenaline. That’s all this bad boy is about. The Flyers score and the roof of the Wells Fargo Center almost comes off. As a fan, I obviously love it, but even when I tried looking at it more objectively, I found that the Flyers have a great amount of atmosphere and momentum (for the lack of a better word) in their goal celebrations that is only really matched by the Blackhawks. I gotta admit, when they ditched Bro Hymn Tribute in favor of Maria I wasn’t really pleased, but the song quickly grew on me. And that didn’t have anything to do with the fact that the band is German.

Rating: 10 points.


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